Tuesday, May 17, 2011

USA: 7 out of 10 say high gas prices hurt! Shocking, gambling in Casablanca!

NEWS ITEM: Dog Bites Man (Yawn!)

The other 3 polled who were unaffected by $4.50 plus per gallon for gas were NYC Mayor Mike (The Indifferent Billionaire) Bloomberg; Bloomie's transpo czar (a.k.a., the bike chic) Janet Sadik-Khan and some homeless (forgive me, SR (sleepin' rough) brigade member) camped out under the escalator in Grand Central Station. Only 17 months left till the "Annointed One" (a.k.a, Mr . GREENjeans) is sent packing and us energy-hungry SOB's can see some "green" (as in dollars) left in our pockets after no longer spending "Fitty" bucks fillin' our gas tanks. AMEN bretheren.