Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dana Rosemary Scallon to run for President of Ireland? The answer is YES

It appears all but certain that Eurovision winner Dana Rosemary Scallon will seek the Presidency of Ireland according to a story on the Irish Times website. The folding of Senator David Norris' campaign has opened up an opportunity for Dana to run a second time for President. She was defeated by Mary McAleese in 1997 in her prior campaign. As an 18 year old who performed under her maiden name, Rosemary Brown, she captured Ireland's hearts and imagination when she won the Eurovision song contest (Ireland's first ever win) with her performance of "All Kinds of Everything" (see link below).
She is very strongly pro-life, anti-divorce and was a feverently anti-Euro opponent of the Nice Treaty back in 2001. Dana would, of course, need to win the nomination first before she can run.