Monday, May 16, 2011

Black Jesus feeds the starving masses! Hallelujah!

Since the main street "village" is not even half a mile in length, if my usually excellent memory serves me correctly, it is no surprise that "adequate" facilities are just not there to feed the masses that will be thronging to greet the "Anointed One". Perhaps , BO the POTUS can perform a miracle along the lines of Jesus at the wedding feast of Cana with the wine combined with the miracle of the fishes and the loaves to satisfy the hunger and thirst of the local BIFFO's and BUFFALO's, as well as the homeless created by the Celtic Tiger meltdown. Even Tipperary fans straggling north after the annual beat down by Kerry might expect to enjoy the largess of the man who promised to "heal the oceans" (how about starting with the economy first, Mr. President).

I don't know how many have ever read NBA great Connie Hawkins' biography Foul (written By Dave Wolf) where he describes a bus from Philly unloading at the Rucker tournament circa 1966. The last one off the bus is a waif-like figure wearing one Converse white high top and one Converse black low top; as he descends the final steps, the crowd begins to chant "Black Jesus, Black Jesus". One can envision a similar scenario when Barry Dunham (to emphasize the roots which cause him to visit the Ol' Sod) exits the helicopter Monday afternoon and suddenly the mass' thirst and hunger are satiated. Otherwise, the Moneygall visit may just be a background for a "famine re-enactment" theatre group; let's call 'em "Brian Cowen and the BIFFO Players". TO BE KIHNTINUED to quote an 80's music icon's album.