Monday, May 16, 2011

Promoter Hired To Organize Obama Gig

The Promotional firm MCD has been hired to promote Obama's Dublin speech on Monday evening, May23rd. Perhaps, both P. Diddy and/or Jimmy Rabbitte (of Commitments fame) were unavailable. Clearly, the President's advisers are worried about paltry attendance (the real reason Croke Park and its 82,000 capacity were mooted) at his sppech on O'Connell Street. Perhaps if Obama "just lays there" (to quote Snow's Patrol's "Chasing Cars" refrain) outside the GPO, 5000 or so of dublin's finest will stop and take a gander at the President on whose watch the US' economic performance could best be described by the county of his : "Offaly" (pronounced "awfully" for those of you reading this from the confines of the Hyannis compound). This calls to mind the scene in "This is Spinal Tap" when reporter Marty DeBergi (Rob Reiner) asks the band's Manager(played by English comedian Tony Hendra)  if  the band playing much smaller venues on the tour was an indication of the band's declining popularity; Hendra's response was one for the ages in terms of spin: "No we have just chosen to be selective in our fan base on this tour". Ditto for Obama and his BIFFO replacement tour.