Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life Imitates Art, well actually, TV; KillingMeSlowly comes to Moneygall, County Offaly

The second season of RTE comedy Killinascully (created, written by and starring Pat Shortt, Ireland's greatest comedian ever IMHO) features an episode called "The Visit", where a cowboy like like US President  Mickey Madison (i.e. Bush) suddenly discovers his ancestral Irish roots in Rathmuff to deflect attention away from a brewing sex scandal (think Clinton and Ballybunion 1998). 

Now we have the Obama BIFFO Replacement Tour about to hit Moneygall on Monday, May 23rd. As Obama's helicopter descends on the local GAA field, he will become the penultimate "blow-in" in the history of Ireland.  Most visitors to Ireland tend to overstay their welcome (possibly David Norris, certainly Richard de Clare, aka, Strongbow). Perhaps this could be the inspiration for a TV series called "KillingMeSlowly", re-casting some of the prominent Moneygall locals in the roles of some of the Killinascully characters:

Oliver Hayes as Jacksie (Proprietor of An Bonnan Bui)
Mary Fanning as Sgt O'Toole (hawking souvenir merchandise to Yanks with more money than brains)
Henry Healy as Dan Clancy (pub know it all and raconteur)
Canon Stephen Neill as Fr. Phillip Eno (popular man of the cloth and promoter of all things Moneygall)
Special guest appearance by Bishop Kearney's corpse as "The Mummy"

Sounds like a hit series to me; might play big in the states as well.