Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fairytale of Tel Aviv or West Bank La Cage Aux Folles?

It seems as if the West Brit brigade (those inside the Pale and their fellow travellers in the Irish media and academia) have hit a pothole once again on the road to electing David Norris as Ireland's First Queen, correct that, President.  Mr. Norris has "blown out" a third wheel on his campaign with the revelation that he wrote a clemency letter to the Israeli courts in 1997 on behalf of his "partner", Ezra Yizhak Nawi, who was convicted of having sex with an underage Palestinian youth in 1992. Senator Norris' campaign for President had previously had run a foul with the revelations that first, in his defense of Cathal O Searcaigh in a 2002 Magill's magazine article, he spoke of ancient Greek society where men would take young men as lovers as being a "model". Then, in another interview, he said "I do not believe in age of consent", a quote which became a front page headline in the Irish Sun. Despite these horrible faux paus which reflect poorly on his sense of judgment and certainly draw into question his fitness for the largely ceremonial office of President of Ireland, Mr Norris' candidacy remained alive and well till Friday when this latest revelation arose. This gaffe, however, may prove fatal to Senator Norris' campaign in that two of his leading campaign staff  resigned on Friday. Particularly deadly to his campaign is the fact the victim of statutory rape is Palestinian and Mr. Norris' lover is Israeli. For those of you who maybe unaware of "the lay of the land" in Irish politics (no pun intended), the Palestians are the "cause celebre" for two reasons: one, their overlords in the left wing British media tell them so and secondly, the Palestinans are lower on the global totem pole of victimhood than the Irish themselves, giving the Irish a chance to flex their moral superiority by their support to those who have been more screwed over by the Brits than even themselves. You may recall that a few weeks back the Gaza flotilla Aid ship MV Saoirse was damaged while in a Greek port preparing to sail to Israel. Many Irish demanded that Israel apologize for the sabotage, but a member of the opposition party in the Knesset described the damage to the ships' propeller as "an act of God".  If you drop the "G" say a "Mass" and re-jigger the letters (Mossad), then yes, that Knesset member is indeed correct.

In musical tribute to Senator Norris' campaign which is sinking quicker than the Titanic, I give the following two numbers:

For Mr. Norris' former partner and Palestinian boytoy lover: "Good" by Better than Ezra:

And for Mr. Norris himself, Soul Asylum's "Leave Without a Trace"