Friday, July 29, 2011

The Church Bashing Continues on IC (Irish Central) amongst it's "Ignorant Children"

Ironically, I just finished my own personal literary equivalent of a root canal this week, I was finally able to slog through to the finish of D'Niall O'Dowd's autobiography "An Irish Voice". While the puffery, self
adulation and praise were "beyond the Pale" (pun intended since Mr. O'Dowd hails from Drogheda which was inside the Pale), it was illuminating in that it provided great insight into D'Niall's psychoses and fetishes, particularly his habitual bashing of the Catholic Church at every opportunity. Yet, Da NOD and his minions in various publications, chose a Simon and Garfunkel mode (as in the "Sounds of Silence") when the Fairytale of Kathmandu episode exploded back in 2007-8. Not once did any of Mr. O'Dowd's publications ever do an op-ed piece or commentary on the "pride of Donegal": gay Irish
language poet Cathal O' Searcaigh (Charles Sharkey), a man who parades around in African garb because as a homosexual in Ireland he feels "simpatico" with the plight of the black/African man. Now,
back to Da NOD's less than epic tome wherein he reveals the roots of his hatred toward the Catholic Church, you see Da NOD attended Drogheda CBS where a couple of the Christian brothers cuffed him about a bit in a futile and fruitless attempt to knock some sense into his thick Irish skull. Sadly, they were unsuccessful as Mr. O'Dowd reveals "I repeated my senior year in college (high school) so I might get into a better school". Translation from Irish "code": he flunked his leaving cert exam and had to repeat his senior year; American "code": the thick cnut (sic) was "left back". For the record, Da NOD is now
"left" forward, center, right and port side as well; like Taniste Eamon Gilmour of the Labor Party, he is a "Sticky" bastard (see Hanley and Millar's 2009 book, The Lost Revolution: The Story of the Official IRA and the Socialist Workers' Party).

Check out the latest literary "reversals" (to use the term of July 4th Coney Island hot-dog eating) from the unwashed at IC: in this case, Molly Muldoon, who at the ripe old of age of 25 posits herself as a shaper of opinion and Mrs NOD (i.e., "beard"), Debbie McGoldrick who knows so much about Ireland because she grew up in the Jewish hamlet of Syossett on the south shore of Long(k) Island (FYI: the "k" is not silent).
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