Monday, May 16, 2011

Queen To Plant Tree; Black and Tans Planted A fair Number of Paddy Trees

News Item: Queen to plant Tree at Phoenix Park : Black and Tans planted a fair number of west Cork residents during War of Independence

Ah yes, life's rich ironies indeed. If one lives long enough, one sees things that they once would have considered unimaginable. Sadly, many of our fellow Irishmen who sacrificed their lives for the SAOIRSE did not have that same opportunity to see the changes that time inevitably begets. Let us remember them in our prayers, lest we forget the great debt we owe them; it is a debt that makes the Celtic Tiger "bill" pale in comparison. In the words of the immortal Thomas Osborne Davis, poet laurete of the Young Ireland uprising of 1848: For freedom comes from God's right hand, but needs an earthly train, and righteous men must make our land, A NATION ONCE AGAIN. Let us salute the memory of the irish locomotive of freedom.