Sunday, July 24, 2011

IC Update: Budding New Writer Bursts on the Scene; You Get What You Pay For

Whenever I am in the mood for amusement, I wander over to Irish Central and never fail to be disappointed. The latest laugh is D'Niall's newest ingenue, Jordana Kozupsky. Special "K", after some minimal investigation, is a 21 year old college junior at Union College in Schenectady, NY., class of 2012. Her journalistic resume prior to joining the "literary lions" at IC (also known as "Ignorant Children") consists of high school newspaper articles and a letter to the Editor at the New York Times on the topic of "tutoring for the already brainy," where she expanded the debate to add that "she was lucky that her parents didn't criticize her for a few bad grades; instead, her parents asked of her that she just try her best." Given that her publisher Niall flunked his first Leaving Cert try, she should feel right at home at IC (also known as Ignorant Clowns). Also, the web's leading purveyor of "fine Irish whines", is the perfect place for Ms. Kozupsky who was diagnosed her freshmen year as "lactose, gluten and fructose intolerant", according to the Union College student newspaper Concordiensis. Thankfully, though, Jordana so far is free Celiac Disease (the original gluten condition) according to the student paper. Wonder how Ms. Kozupsky hooked up with Da NOD? Well, let's see if we can connect the dots: Jordana hails from Chappaqua, NY, where she would be a neighbor of our former commander in briefs, William Jefferson Clinton (post-Presidential secret service code name: BJ 4 Blythe), who of course had previously shown a fondness for nubile coeds as well as portly pepperpots. The NOD is a well known Clintonista sycophant type who has previously exhibited a propensity to assume the ostrich position to ignore behavior that most decent God-fearing people would be offended by. Just call me Dick "Effin" Tracy, thank you.

By the way, read Jordana's list of top ten Irish writers (see link below) where she omits George Bernard Shaw, William Butler Yeats and John Millington Synge for literary heavyweights such as Anne Enright, John Banville and John McGahern. Also, she states that Brendan Behan "spent most of his time in pubs", except for a 14 year gaol sentence and a profilic body of work he produced. Oh Vey, as my Jewish brethren would say.

At IC, Ms Kozupsky should fit right in with the preternaturally stupid Kelly Fincham, who has recently re-appeared at IC following a hiatus. Ms. Fincham, in November, 2009, suggested that Notre Dame drop football like Hofstra University (where she is an adjunct Professor of Journalism, may God help those kids) had just done at that time. Of course, the fact that football is a huge revenue generator and profit center at Notre Dame wouldn't factor into Ms. Fincham's thought processes; nor would the $ 15 million annual NBC television contract, the $30 plus million in royalties from apparel sales or the revenue from alumni contributions (minimum of $150 annually for entry into the football ticket lottery for the school's 100,000). Shortly (as in two weeks later) after Ms. Fincham suggested the "Fighting Irish" drop football, Forbes magazine ranked Notre Dame as the second most valuable ($108 million) football program if it were a free standing business. Ms. Fincham's cluelessness about the University emblematic of Irish America is not really surprising given that she was born and lived in England till she was 9, and then moved to Drogheda, a town in County Louth, just north of Dublin that was considered part of the Pale. Given the propensity of D' Niall O' Dowd to surround himself with people from Drogheda, I like to refer to IC as the Wee County (Louth is the Rhode Island of Ireland) Boob Society, home of the Triple D's, as in Drogheda Dimwits and Dumbarses. Sadly, Mr. O'Dowd is on the Advisory Council of the Irish Studies program at Notre Dame. How did the Clown Prince of the unASSimilated Irish in America become affiliated with the increasing less prestigious (by the day unfortunately for this degree holder) beacon of Catholic higher education? It seems that Don Keough, former CEO of Coca-Cola, had put a bottling plant in Ireland in the early 1980's in a town where Martin Naughton (the space heater King of the British Isles), a sponsor of the Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies, happened to hail from. Anyone care to take a lucky guess what town in Ireland that Coca-Cola bottling plant was built in? How about DROGHEDA.; and guess whose brother Michael was the mayor of Drogheda?  You got it: Da NOD, D' Niall O' Dowd himself. Mr. O Dowd, suddenly went from bankrupt newspaper publisher (and former housepainter) in San Francisco to founder/publisher of Irish America Magazine in New York City, then the Irish Voice newspaper and the Irish Central website. A January, 2010 article in the The Sunday Business Post (Ireland's WSJ) identified Naughton and Keough as the investors behind to the tune of $1.2 million. As I learned doing compliance examinations on Wall Street early in my career, all you need to do is follow the money. Mr. O' Dowd belongs at Notre Dame as much as his pal Bubba Clinton belongs in the College of Cardinals.