Monday, July 18, 2011

Patrick Kennedy Weds Jersey Girl; what about a West Village guy, Gay Marriage now legal in NY. If you're Irish Paddy, come out of the closet!

Patrick Kennedy, son of the late Edward "No MOORE" (thank God, he's no effin' more ) Kennedy, was married today at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport, MASS before the "usual suspects".  His bride, a divorced schoolteacher and mother of one is the former Amy Petitgout of BRIGantine, NJ (no nautical Chappaquiddick jokes at this time please). Given that a DC publican once told me that Patrick Kennedy's problem wasn't drugs and alcohol but sexual dissonance (he would like to be gay, but he can't because he's a Kennedy and has a family tradition to uphold), I must wonder if Paddy Boy married Ms. Petitgout because he thought he would have a shot at her distant relation, former Notre Dame and NFL NY Giant lineman Luke Petitgout. For those of you unaware of this important fact, NO KENNEDY HAS EVER GRADUATED FROM NOTRE DAME! Many of the Kennedy litter have graduated from Boston College or BC as it known to their alums, or "Back-Up College", as it is known to Notre Dame graduates. Every "Domer's (ND grads) favorite joke is: What does every BC grad possess that an ND grad will never own? Answer: a rejection letter from Notre Dame. If I have offended any of you HC (Hyannis compound) Irish, well, that's the way thwe spud get mashed.