Thursday, July 21, 2011

Enviro-whackos ASSail Beckhams for having too many kids; How about these critics joining the Hemlock Society and be part of the solution rather than just a propogator of the situation

Now, this may come as a shock to those who know me, but I am going to bat for David "Spice Fairy" Beckham and his female impersonator "bride"(Poss looks like a dude from the neck up) over the criticism directed at them for "overbreeding" (choosing to have a fourth child). Simon Ross, Chief Executive of the Optimum Population Trust, issued the following statment in the Guardian:

Mr. Ross, of the Optimum Population Trust, an organization that campaigns for the “gradual decrease of the population to sustainable levels,” had this to say: “The Beckhams, and others like London mayor Boris Johnson, are very bad role models with their large families.” He went on to state, “There’s no point in people trying to reduce their carbon emissions and then increasing them100% by having another child.”

How about this Simon, why  don't you have a "Zero Pop" ball @ Balmoral (Prince Charles buys into your nonsense, so I am sure that he will be happy to host). Since some folks in the South Armagh "engineering" department periodically wax nostalgic about the "glory days" of the Troubles  (see video below of Bruce performing one of his greatest hits, Glory Days, at Hyde Park in London, about 2 years after the Fighting Men of Crossmaglen performed one of their "greatest hits" in Hyde Park as well)  Perhaps, the lads could kill two birds with one stone (pun intended), when they re-enact one of their greatest hits and, at the same time, Simon, greatly help you achieve your desired goal of reducing the population. Thank you, God,for blessing me with the wisdom of Solomon and the wicked wit of Jonathan Swift. Yes, Simon, to dimwits like yourself, life must seem unfair, but C'est la vie, as Voltaire might say.