Friday, July 22, 2011

The Donkey Chronicles UPDATE; IC Columnist Cormac Eklof (i.e. The "Donkey Tamir Goodman") Fulminates Once Again. Would Someone Please Fumigate the Irish Voice as it has a rodent problem

Of all the clowns masquerading as writers on his website IRISH CENTRAL that Niall O' Dowd (aka, The NOD) rolls out, there is no more odious than former mASSachussets denizen Cormac Eklof. According to his bio, Mr. Eklof is a Bostonian AND former "Irish semi-pro baseball player" (that's not a misprint, typo or output from a drunk blogger), who at the conclusion of his storied career for the Dublin Donkeys, has mistakenly entered the field of journalism under the delusional notion that he has something to say that people would want to read. His view of the world is strictly Boston-centric as 75% of his putrid output relates to someone or something that tangentially is connected with "BAHston" (sic). Since he lives in Dublin after the conclusion of his illustrious baseball career as the "plastic Paddy" version of Tamir Goodman, the select few who click on IC must suffer through his pontifications about Premiership soccer as well as all things Boston.  For those of you with short memories, Tamir Goodman was a 17 year-old Orthodox Jewish basketball player from Baltimore who in a tsunami of media stories/segments (Sports Illustrated, NY Times, CNN  and ESPN) was christened (no pun intended) with the moniker "the Jewish Jordan". This was the most back-handed compliment since the late actor Spalding Gray was dubbed "the WASPy Woody Allen. See the link below for a sample of Eklof's literary regurgitation:

One good thing, though, is that when reading his column you will not find yourself in "anal distress", such as is the case were you to read his fellow IC columnist caHER O'Doherty, the chief scribe for all the gay news that's fit to print. For the record, according to a January, 2010 article in Ireland's SUNDAY BUSINESS POST, Irish Central was funded by a $1.2 million investment from Don Keough and Martin Naughton. These would be the same folks who have funded the Keough-Naughton Institute of Irish Studies at the University of Notre Dame, henceforth to be known as "Plastic Paddy U" or the University of West Britannia.