Sunday, July 31, 2011

HEAVY on the MAYO; Throw away the CORK! Mayo 1-13 Cork 2-6

They say that even a blind squirrel finds an acorn; also, a stopped clock is right twice a day. Well, Mayo found the acorn today and, after going 0-2 on my picks on Saturday (Roscommon and Kildare both lost), I was spot on today with Kerry and Mayo. While Kerry's double digit victory over Munster rivals Limerick was expected, given their earlier meeting, Mayo's 4 point victory over defending All Ireland champion Cork was the shock result of the year. Heros for Mayo were everywhere, particularly Andy Moran, Ger Cafferkey and Richie Feeney. It was Kevin McLoughlin's 22nd minute goal that brought Mayo back into the game after Cork stormed out to 1-4 (7) to 0-1 in the 16th minute. Mayo's youthful panel scored a victory over Cork for the first time since 1916 though they will be hard pressed in 3 weeks to beat a resurgent Kerry squad which seems re-energized after their 2010 quarter-final loss to Down. For now, let's not dwell on Mayo's road ahead but instead celebrate the fantastic victory of Mayo's footballers despite being a 5 to 1 underdog. Here's to the Green and Red of Mayo and the Saw Doctors' musical tribute to to them: