Wednesday, May 20, 2015

O Dowd Fluffs Adams Again

Da Niall & Literary Fellatio
Niall O Dowd, in his periscope column in today's Irish Voice, has taken his peculiar brand of literary fellatio to a higher level. In an effort to "do" for Adams in print what he does during their "up close and personal moments", he has produced a puff piece that MSN BJ'S Rachel Maddow would be ashamed to put her name to.
Later on today, we will be exploring the relationship between O Dowd, Adams and MI 5 employee AND Oglala Eireann super grass Freddie "Stakeknife" Scappaticci and how it impacted the tragic disappearance of widowed, mother of 10, Jean McConnville, a story highlighted on 60 minutes.